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MAINCOR Rohrsysteme is a German manufacturer based in Schweinfurt with 400 employees and a deep know-how in the production of plastic pipes for both building and industrial applications. Within the Building Industry we offer a set of high quality solutions that provide safety and comfort to your home.

With the latest extrusion technology, we produce different kinds of pipes in different diameters and lengths for underfloor heating, plumbing and ventilation systems. In 2020 we have produced more than 100 Million Meters of pipes branded as MAINCOR as well as customized (OEM) pipes.

The core product of MAINCOR is customer satisfaction. The goal is to achieve the best possible results with utmost motivation using state-of-the-art technology. This includes the prompt and effective settling of each order as well as the support of implementation and processing, effi cient job order production and the direct and straightforward supply to customers of the heating and sanitary sector right on the construction site.

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MAINCOR pipe systems can be ordered in the online shop, by telephone, e-mail or from the sales representative.


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