Service for You

The core product of MAINCOR is customer satisfaction. The goal is to achieve the best possible results with utmost motivation using state-of-the-art technology. This includes the prompt and effective settling of each order as well as the support of implementation and processing, effi cient job order production and the direct and straightforward supply to customers of the heating and sanitary sector right on the construction site.

From idea to delivery

Customer benefit is the focus of MAINCORS’s efforts – from the idea to the delivery of the goods. Whether it is about the development of special-purpose pipes, the planning, the production and direct sales of new pipe systems and special-purpose pipes.

A strong team

The value of our company is determined by our employees, starting with the apprentices up to the board of directors. It is the clear objective to succeed with our strong team in the competition with many other companies. The basis for this is a fair human intercourse and a performance-oriented payment. We promote a surrounding where colleagues like their work and exchange information in order to understand thoroughly the purpose of work. Successful cooperation is only realizable within a team which acts according to the motto “one for all and all for one”.

Service for our customers and partners

We want to fulfill market-oriented demands of our customers. In order to do this, it is necessary to detect optimization potential with our customers, and to offer them an integrated solution. Our slogan “Service for You” is not only a motto, we also live up to the slogan.

Quality as basis

Quality is an absolute necessity. The aim always has to be 100% quality. Has there been found an error, it is necessary to react immediately, to solve the problem and eliminate it for the future. Quality is not tested but produced. With a cross-departmental cooperation, error rates are to be minimized.

Performance generates success

In international competition it is necessary to offer our customers a product with a very good price-performance ratio. In order to do this, we need to keep a performance level which enables us to hold our position in international competition – especially in competition with low-wage countries – and which fully satisfies our customers.

Profit safeguards the future

In order to secure the company’s future, it is essential to act profit-oriented. The profit needs to be reinvested into the company in order to guarantee an expandable basis for the future.

Progressive innovations with know-how

We want to offer apprenticeships and further trainings, and train our own specialists within our corporation. We give young people a chance to create their own future and additionally offer further trainings in order to meet current and future market requirements. At the same time we create the basis for further innovations.

Medium-sized family-owned company with short distances

Due to the family atmosphere within the corporation, all employees feel like independently thinking and acting entrepreneurs. This is a decisive part of the corporate policy. Fast decisions and an openness for questions and suggestions from the personnel influence the actions and behavior of the management. Moreover, it promotes a successful cooperation within the company.

Active and successful beyond borders

For the company MAINCOR not only Germany is the target market. Our aim is to be internationally active. With our products and services, we want to be competitive and active for our customers especially within the European Union. Our second priority is the broader Middle East. Far East, Northern Africa, North-, Middle- and South America can be considered as third priority. However, opportunity-based exceptions confirm the rule.

A clean environment

We do not only want to fulfill the requirements but also optimize all corporate processes and consumptions in order to protect our environment.