Electric conduits

The MAINELO electrical conduit is suitable for a wide range of electrical installations. The VDE-tested and certified (DIN EN 61386-22) electrical conduits are produced on our state-of-the-art machines. The latest testing equipment ensures the highest quality and thus a long service life of the electrical conduits.

The plastic insulation pipes are flexible as well as non-flame-spreading and can be laid on and under plaster, in screeds, in cavity walls and suspended ceilings as well as on wood, depending on the requirements.

The advantage of the electrical conduit is obvious. It offers the necessary flexibility and functionality in the area of electrical, communication and data supply in buildings.

System features

  • flame retardant modified polyolefin
  • resistant to almost all media (alcohols, greases, mineral oils, fuels)
  • Electrical conduits with the suffix “easy” have a highly slippery inner layer for faster cable insertion.