PE-RT 15 x 1.5

The lightweight pipe

The consistent further development of the MAINFLOOR PE-RT underfloor heating pipes is here. It is characterised above all by its outstanding flexibility due to its unique geometry (wall thickness / diameter ratio). With standard screeds (~45 mm above pipe), the 60 mm construction height is maintained. We give a 15-year warranty on this pipe.

What characterises the pipe material used?

Polyethylene of raised temperature resistance: Due to the unique molecular structure, an increased long-term temperature resistance is achieved. MAINCOR PE-RT pipes are already manufactured using the coextrusion process, which means that all layers are produced simultaneously – this is the only way to ensure a homogeneous and durable material bond. The innovative 5-layer technology reliably protects the oxygen barrier layer from mechanical damage.

State-of-the-art pipe technology

The PE-RT 15 x 1.5 is designed to enable more efficient and resource-saving heating. This special construction is tailored to the needs of underfloor heating installations in passive or low-energy houses and offers a resource-saving connection option for heat pumps.

Product features

Advantages compared to conventional 16 PE-RT:
  • More rate of flow
  • Less weight
  • resource-saving
  • easier handling
  • 15 mm pipe with 16 mm flow rate
  • 15 years warranty